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Handmade Revolution


the client

Swinburne Online

the role

Graphic Designer
Art Director

the details

Print, Publication, Illustration

the project

“Handmade Revolution” is a printed publication of Bruce Metcalf’s 2008 essay DIY, Websites and Energy: The New Alternative Crafts. Discussed in this essay is the rise of activist craft and anti-consumerist nature of handmade goods, but equally the commodification of the handmade aesthetic.
Visually I was inspired by grunge and punk movements and combined this with crafty “nanna” visuals - using motifs of yarn, embroidery and hot glue guns, but presented in a Banksy street-art style. Typography was bold, robust and there to be seen in bold red and black, mirroring the activist nature of the text, yet pinks and white kept the mood cute, playful and girly.
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