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Graphic Designer

the details

Theatre, Musical Theatre, Branding, Print, Digital

the project

A comedic and heartfelt exploration of compromise and vulnerability, Company examines the ups and downs of marriage and relationships, and delivers a story that leaves you laughing, crying, and feeling “alive”.

It’s Robert’s 35th birthday and, surrounded by all his married friends, he can’t think of what to wish for as he blows out his candles. He knows he’s lacking something in his life, but what is it? Over dinner parties, first dates and weddings, the confirmed bachelor searches for answers and tries to discover what being married is all about. With Sondheim standards such as ‘Getting Married Today’ and ‘Being Alive’, the show is sure to leave you understanding why the people in New York could drive a person crazy.

The graphic design interpretation of this brief was a minimal, clean and sophisticated style, visually representing the "adultness" of turning 35, and the perceived perfection of life in the big city.

Photography by Blake Condon.
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