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Alice in Bed


the client

Sydney University Dramatic Society

the role

Graphic Designer
Art Director

the details

Drama, Theatre, Artmaking, Print, Social Media, Performance, Digital

the project

Alice in Bed is a free dramatic fantasy play by Susan Sontag about the life of bed-ridden of Alice James, intertwined with Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland and other iconic literary figures. It is a play about the anguish and grief and rage of women; and about the triumphs and limitations of the imagination. The director of this production indicated to all creatives that their vision was lush, overgrown and imaginative
with references to art and literature. Influenced by vintage botanical drawings, calligraphy, and decoupage craft techniques, I created this whimsical collage imagery that was used throughout all publicity collateral, and also influenced set and costume design. This project included print and digital collateral, as well as show photography.
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